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Marketing form submission report

Form Submission Timeline

See all the details of your marketing form submissions in one report. Then slice and dice over timeline, related marketing messaging and automation.

This marketing analytical report provides you insights into the submission stream of your marketing forms. You can download both a template to run the report on your organization as well as a sample report filled with some data here.

Download the templateTemplate
Sample reportSample report
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This analytics report consist of the following report pages:

Common Pages

Every report features a set of standard pages provide inside in the data generated by your organization.

Learn more about the common pages you find in every analytical reporting template in this article about the marketing analytical reporting framework.

The marketing form submission report home page

Each report include a filter pane on the left that lets you select quickly the relevant marketing forms and activities to focus on. You can also chose the relevant time frame for your exploration.

The report home page gives you a quick overview on your marketing forms and the submission volume.

Marketing form submission report homepage

Marketing form submission timeline

See a timeline for the form submission history across all your marketing forms.

Marketing form submission timeline

Marketing form submission details

Find a more details view of all form submssions

Marketing form submission details

Marketing form submission value report

See what values have been submitted against which fields on all your marketing forms.

Form submitted values report

Conversion leaderboard

See the leaderboard for different types of conversions from your marketing forms.

The conversion leaderboard shows you which of your marketing forms contribute most to attracting submissions from new and returning vs. visitors, lead to new contacts being created or existing contacts identified and updated, and which forms are best in creating new leads vs. updating existing leads.
Conversion leaderboard from marketing form sumbissions