Dynamics 365 Marketing - Analytic reporting with Power BI

Find here your marketing analytic reporting for Dynamics 365 Marketing using Power BI

Data for your marketing analytic reporting

Dynamics 365 Marketing data source diagram

Lets walk through the types of data you can use for your marketing analytic reporting

Dynamics 365 Marketing offers to types of data: Profiles and Interactions

Profiles correspond to the entity types that are modeled in the Dynamics 365 organization database. These get reflected into the Common Data Model and can be accessed through the access point to the Common Data Services.

Interactions are all the signals that Dynamics 365 Marketing captures when it runs the customer journeys, reaches out to your audience and listens and responds to the activities from the marketing audience. Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to continuously extract those interactions into your own Azure Blob Storage and you can then configure Power BI reports to use this data.

Watch this video for all the details on the data for your marketing analytic reporting:

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